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This website contains images that depict the female body as a work of art.

This is not pornography, and those who might be looking for such - I suggest you look elsewhere.

For those who might be uncomfortable in any way at viewing some of life's more tender moments, or tastefully posed nudes - I suggest you leave now.

So as not to contribute to the delenquency of minors - if you are underage in YOUR place of residence, be it town, village, hamlet, state, burough, providence, or country - LEAVE NOW. Ask your parent(s) the difference between "art" and "pornography". Ask your teachers. Ask your friends. But wait to view this site until you are of age. Thank you =D

Copyright Notice

Images are Copyrighted to Midnight Moon Designs and may not be  downloaded, distributed, reproduced, altered, copied, or in any way distorted for monetary gain.  If  you want to download them for PERSONAL USE ONLY (non-commercial) - please, feel free  (to donate - I work hard on these images, and while it is flattering that you want them, it doesn't put bread on the table.  Even $1.00 would help ensure I can continue to make such artwork.  You may donate to me on paypal -  - thanks for helping out a struggling artist! )