Intro to Vue: Week 2

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Week 2

Objects, metablobs, booleans, importing.


Utilizes metablob & boolean.  Just a funky sculpture-like thing.

Planets 2

Had fun with postwork =D


objects created by Jeremy Birn for lighting challenges at  2 seperate ones merged (bottles and candles)  Thank you, Jeremy, for such lovely objects to play with =D


Imported Poser Wooden Dude, Tub by Zteev at ShareCG, bricks by Skittrat at 'Rosity (I do believe)

Sample Photo 5

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Sample Photo 6

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Planets 1

Planets make sense, now!  Soooo pretty!

Planets 3

more postwork =D

Feline Frolicks

Kittehs mat for daz mill cat (found on 'rosity - sorry, cant remember who)

imported daz mill cat.

Sample Photo 10

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Sample Photo 11

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Sample Photo 12

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Sample Photo 13

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