Intro to Vue: Week 3

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Week 3

Procedural and Standard terrains; Editting atmospheres.

The Enchanted Lagoon

Lots of postwork; combined two seperate renders of the same scene with different atmospheres.  I named it after a friend's website =D


1 standard terrain in back with ecosystem, 1 procedural terrain in front, 1 plane mapped for water, 1 plane mapped for foam, several metaclouds (love them!!!), Captain Marlow's castle, and... think the ship came with vue. 

The Snow Bird

Every fall and spring I witness a most unusual migration... that of the snow bird.

Every fall they flee for warmer climates and every spring they return, as sure as the leaves on the trees.

I'm referring, of course, to those folks who are fortunate enough to be able to move from climate to climate as it suits them. This image is dedicated to those who wish they could be a snow bird.


1 standard terrain in background, 1 procedural terrain in front, 1 plane mapped for snow, metaclouds, editted atmosphere.  A4/V4, dynamic polo dress freebie 'rosity, aurora mat, xylia hair.  posed using poser 7, atmosphere, environment and rendered in vue 6 pro studio 

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