Intro to Vue: Week 5

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Intro to Vue: Week 5

Create a scene using a  volumetric light and a  material i have created or mixed; adjust atmosphere & render settings.

Mermaid Reef

Victoria 4 with creature creator(daz), lost realms V4 (daz) - i added bumps, wet hair(daz), aurora mats by lavonne (renderosity)

Aquatica Reef (daz), i added bumps and a sandy material mixed in.

Scalar Fish (added bump), coral and seaweed (redid bump) are native to vue.

 1 point light, 1 volumetric spotllight (with caustic gel i made), 1 normal spotlight hitting only the mermaid, 1 procedural terrain, 1 infinite water plane

User settings - render took 1 hours, 37 minutes (i rounded the seconds up) 

All images copyright: Midnight Moon Designs