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Magick & Mystery

There is more to life than what we think we see.

Alaskan Bluebell Faeries

Apparently, Alaskan bluebell faeries are a bit more bold than their southern cousins. I suppose they have to be; otherwise they wouldn't have much time to dance in the short twilight that is Alaskan night.

Even so, they are still wary of humans, and it was only just recently, when my daughter was visiting, that the first ones showed themselves to me. Now, every evening, I am treated to their laughter tinkling through my wind-chimes and the sight of their dancing; wafting softly on the breezes with the delicateness of the finest perfumes.

The Unicorn and the Maiden

Maiden and Unicorn meet....

The Daylight Savings Faerie

Every year a lot of people go through what's known as Daylight Savings Time. As a child, this idea fascinated me.... How does one save up daylight?

When I moved to Alaska, it wasn't long before the answer showed itself to me. Working harder the further north she goes, the Daylight Savings Faerie captures the last bit of sunlight from the dieing day and stores it up for us in winter. This is why, even though in summer I technically have several hours of twilight, it's called 24 hour sunlight. But what happens in winter? The opposite should be true, right? 24 hours of darkness with a few hours of murky twilight? But its NOT true. We have about 20 hours of darkness and 4 hours of gloriously bright twilight.

Remember all those last bits of sunlight from the dieing day? She doles them out stingily throughout the winter. When spring bursts forth once more, she resumes collecting.

Here she is, caught on film as she captures bits of sunlight....

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